First category (standard) single

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First category (standard) with double bed

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First category (standard) 2 single beds

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First category (standard) «Business class»

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First category (standard) «Superior with balcony»

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The first category (standard) «Superior attic»

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Category «Lux»

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First category (standard) «Wedding»

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Restaurant Montblanc

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Conference hall

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Sauna and billiard


The Hotel «Palisad» is located in the central part of Vologda at the following address: 17, Torgovaya ploshad St.

The hotel offers 38 cozy rooms at reasonable prices with the windows overlooking the picturesque urban streets. Around the Hotel «Palisad» there is an extensive infrastructure and remarkable sights of Vologda. Within walking distance you can see such beauties as: Vologda Kremlin, stony quay, Sofia’s bell tower and many other places. Only in Vologda you can see almost original beauty of nature and ancient buildings. Also you can visit various souvenir shops and other brand shops with goods of high quality, comfortable cafes and nice restaurants, sports-oriented and musical pubs, concert and exhibition halls, different museums of the city. Within two minutes of walk there are bus stops, you can get to any needed region of Vologda taking bus there.

The Hotel «Palisad» means favorable location, reasonable prices, and services of proved perfect quality!